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Fort Solis to launch on PS5 in addition to PC; New gameplay trailer

by: Henry -
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Developer Fallen Leaf has partnered with publisher Dear Villagers on their upcoming science fiction psychological thriller Fort Solis and announced a PS5 release alongside PC this Summer 2023. Get ready to explore an abandoned mining facility on the red planet of Mars while solving the mystery of the missing crew and make crucial decisions that change the course of the narrative.

You play as engineer Jack Leary as you explore Fort Solis station on your own. Gather clues from various labs, crew quarters and bunker in order to figure out what happened here. You must race against time as nightfall brings new horrors and complications! The game features multiple endings stemming from difficult decisions you will be forced to make throughout the game.

Fallen Leaf game director James Tinsdale chimes in and says: “We’re all fans of hard sci-fi and horror, so with Fort Solis we wanted to create a tense, classic sci-fi tale that players are free to piece together at their own pace. To us immersion was the key factor here, and we’re very proud of all the work our team and our collaborators have done in bringing Fort Solis to life. It’s such a fully realized, lived in place, and we’re thrilled for everyone to discover it when it launches later this year.”

Fort Solis utilizes Unreal Engine 5 to power an intricately immersive setting and features a first class voice cast crew including Red Dead Redemption 2 lead Roger Clark, Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Death Stranding), and Julia Brown (The Last Kingdom, World on Fire). The game also features no camera cuts, load times, or HUD, for an extra immersive experience.

Fort Solis is coming to PC via Steam and PlayStation 5 sometime Summer 2023. You can wishlist the game now on Steam to support the developers!

Check out the newest gameplay trailer below: