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The Virtuix Omni One is now shipping

by: John -
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It's been about 2.5 years since Virtuix first announced the Omni One, but it's finally being sent to backers. The Omni One is the second VR treadmill that Virtuix is shipping and it has a lot of improvements over the first.

For starters, there's no more ring around the unit as the way to keep the person in one place now consists of an arm and a vest. The arm can swing around 360 degrees and lets the user perform multiple actions that they couldn't do with the previous unit such as crouching and jumping.


Because of the arm design, the unit has shrunk down in size and weight considerably compared to the original Virtuix Omni. It won't take up as much room and looks to be a lot more maneuverable. There's even a nice little storage area located under the step.

Included with the Omni One will be a Pico Neo3 Pro VR headset. This headset will include a UI that's used to launch Omni One apps and it's got the horsepower that the Meta Quest 2 has, but with a wider field of view.

Starting at $2,595, it's certainly going to cost you a bit to be able to move around in VR. But it does look like it's a great device to compliment your VR setup and could open up to a whole new way to interact with games by walking, running, and dodging physically rather than using thumbsticks to do these actions.

Oh how I wish I could trade my Virtuix Omni for the Omni One.