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Lo-fi visual novel ghostpia announced for PC and Switch

by: Henry -
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PQube has announced a brand new lo-fi picture-book styled visual novel titled ghostpia that will be making its way to PC and Nintendo Switch later this year. The game follows Sayoko, a foreigner in town who shares a room with a mysterious girl named Yoru but wants to go back to her hometown. She wonders if her home actually exists or has she just forgotten a long lost memory. The developers are proud of their vibrant aesthetic that is inspired by nostalgia and decorated with glitches and noise.

The town Sayoko finds herself is in is a true utopia for ghosts, but what she really wants is to return home, but that is actually harder than it seems! Take a look at all the features you can expect in this upcoming visual novel:

  • There are no branching routes or QTEs as this game is designed for you to enjoy it like a film
  • The narrative is filled with movement animation and beautiful sounds that elevate the traditional VN experience.
  • Enjoy a gentle musical soundtrack that sets the atmosphere 
  • Get lost in picture-book styled illustrations 
  • Set in a town where immortal ghosts reside, in a world buried by snow
  • Meet strange and interesting characters
  • Coming to the West for the first time, as this game was released exclusively in Japan on mobile and web browsers only
  • Dive into the struggles of friendships and relationships
  • This version features new music, higher resolution illustrations and more complex animations than the original release
  • Includes five episodes that make up Season One

ghostpia Season One is coming to PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch sometime Q2 2023. You can wishlist the game now on Steam to support the developers!

Check out the announcement trailer below: