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Sony officially announces 40GB PlayStation 3 for the US, 80GB goes to $500

by: John -
Sony has finally said they were launching the 40GB PlayStation 3 in the United States and it's set to to go on sale November 2. The unit is a little gimped since no backwards compatibility is available on these machines and there are less USB ports and no media card reader. Sony really needs to say these things a little sooner rather than have retail stores spoil the fun like Target did. I like this quote from Jack Tretton: "Backward compatibility is a nice secondary consideration, but it's far from the number-one priority." Hmmm, seemed like it was a high priority when you first talked about this system.

Also in the report is that the 80GB version's price is dropping $100 to $500. Not surprising as they are almost out of the $500 60GB version and they need that SKU to take over the $500 price slot.