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Go full psycho in The Kindeman Remedy

by: Eric -
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There are some games that let you be a little crazy. I remember cackling to myself when I abandoned my family in Fable III. I've been known to pick some antisocial choices in RPGs to horrify my watching children. And of course, you can take your turn as a serial killer in games like Dead by Daylight or Friday the 13th; but even then, you have to take your turn as a survivor. There are few games that let you go complete, balls-to-the-walls psychopath like The Kindeman Remedy seems to do.

Get this: you play as Doctor Kindeman, a scientist that has had some trouble finding subjects for his questionable medical experiments. In order to secure a steady flow of healthy bodies to...do things to, Doctor Kindeman becomes a prison doctor, where he has full reign over the imprisoned population. He recruits Sister Anna, described in a recent press release as "a promiscuous nun with a special taste for fresh blood and a knack for secretly administering poison." Umm...okay. 

Together, the good doctor and his nun assistant set about trying to create the perfect anesthesia, which - as we all know - can only be tested by hacking away at prisoners in a dank under a flickering lightbulb.

Get in on the fun yourself this fall! You can wishlist The Kindeman Remedy here on Steam.