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4 new games launching tomorrow by Daedalic Entertainment

by: Henry -
More On: Barotrauma Potion Tycoon Rough Justice: '84 Life of Delta

Publisher Daedalic Entertainment is proud to announce that four of their games will launch tomorrow, March 13: Barotrauma, Potion Tycoon, Rough Justice: '84, and Life of Delta

Barotrauma: Releasing in full 1.0 after being in Early Access for more than 3 years. This is a sci-fi multiplayer submarine sim that has been expanded and improved after having more than 2.5 million units sold.

Potion Tycoon: Start with nothing and build your empire to be the best potion store in town. Expand your repertoire, buy new equipment, and hire new employees. Get your production line growing and reap in the results in this cute high energy tycoon simulation game!

Rough Justice: '84: Mix of strategy, crime thriller and detective game inspired by board games. The narrative takes place in the 1980s where crime and violence run wild. You manage an up and coming agency that offers a wide variety cases to solve.

Life of Delta: Narrative adventure that takes on a modern take on the point and click genre of games. You take on the role os a service robot in post apocalyptic Japan looking for his friend. Explore hand drawn beautiful environments filled with interesting puzzles to solve.

Barotrauma is coming out of Early Access on PC via Steam. Potion Tycoon is launching on PC via Steam Early AccessRough Justice: '84 and Life of Delta (also on Nintendo Switch) is fully releasing on PC via Steam on March 13, 2023.

Check out the full release trailer of Barotrauma below: