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Forspoken's update is live

by: joseph -
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Because no one else is willing to die on the hill I'm still alive on, I am here to deliver the news that your beloved Forspoken has received a bit of an update. Billed as "Improved Optimization, refined visuals, reworked targeting and more", Square Enix has broken down everything they have improved upon here. Though it may not be enough for those doomed-from-the-start people out there, it just goes to show that Square Enix is not going to just abandon the game. Included are as follows: 

Remember last viewed menu section. Basically means when the option is off, the menu will always default to the map. Leave this on if you want to see the last menu item you viewed. 

Focus on Enemy. If this is on, the camera will find the enemy being targeted, if you're not locked on to. If off, you can toggle the lock while you charge the spell. 

There is auto lock on, which means if you defeat an enemy, the lock will switch to the next nearest. Immunity to own magic is self explanatory. Yes, Frey is affected by her own magic. Like Link is affected by his own bombs. There are also several graphical improvements, such as adjustments to brightness and contrast, including HDR elements. This will pop up at the beginning of the game as well.

There are more updates, including ambient occlusion, with the full patch list here. You love updates. Go on and get 'em. The cat is still in the game though. Enjoy.