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Devs bring big patch to Sons of the Forest

by: Elliot -
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In the last couple of weeks, I have found myself enjoying Sons of the Forest. Never having played the original, I was a little unsure if this was a game for me, but that first weekend of release I put in over ten hours. Since then I’ve managed to put in a few hours here and there. It has helped that a co-worker of mine has been into the game; talking about our shared experience has made me want to keep playing.

Developer Endnight Games Ltd has just released the first big patch for Sons fo the Forest, and have added, and fixed a ton of things. Some of the highlights for me include the addition of hang gliders and some new structure types.

New features added to Sons of the Forest:

  • Added Binoculars
  • Added Hang Glider
  • Added Defensive Wall gate
  • Added mid game boss fight into food bunker
  • Added Settings Reset in the Options screen
  • Added missing Virginia leather suit pickup to world
  • You can now lock doors with a stick placed on the interior of the door
  • Built small structures (furniture) can now be grabbed, while grabbed it can either be placed again somewhere or thrown to collapse it and get back its resources
  • Some additional story elements added
  • New headshot death animation variations added for cannibals
  • Angry regular cannibals can attack now by jumping out of trees
  • Small birds will now land and eat/gain fullness
  • Added option to hide player name tags
  • Added option to hide projectile reticle and trajectory
  • Fish trap should now work and catch fish (every 5-10 minutes) as long as it's placed in water and the current season is not winter
  • Added lookout towers to some cannibal villages
  • Story Paper pickups will now show UI to "Zoom" in
  • Added new structure type: One Sided Apex. Fills the space between a leaning beam and its supporting beam. Aligns automatically based on the leaning beam orientation. Fits quarter log variations to the right length automatically.

A big list of balance changes, improvements, and fixes has also been added to the game. You can head to the Steam page to read all the changes.