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My Faction returns in WWE 2K23 with a new trailer

by: Nathan -
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2K released a new trailer for WWE 2K23 and it's for My Faction.

My Faction is just like My Team from the NBA 2K games or Madden Ultimate Team from Madden. It's a card collecting game where you collect cards of wrestlers of various rarities and put them all on a team and take them through various game modes. This years version of My Faction looks pretty similar to last years but this year they have added online play. 

Me personally I don't really all that much of these modes. Its fun collecting the cards but a WWE game really doesn't mesh well with this kind of game mode. For example last year there were so many 8 man tag matches and the community were trying to find ways to cheese easy wins because they are such a slog to play though and aren't fun at all. What's funny is 2K would patch all these exploits out of the game and the community would work together to find more. It was like a game of whack a mole between 2K and the community.

Also I don't have all the money in the world to be constantly buying VC to get card packs. Ill check out this mode for a bit with the free stuff I can earn but don't really go all out with it. 

WWE 2K23 launches next week on March 17th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X and PC.