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Horror VR adventure Fractured Sanity launches March 28th

by: Henry -
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United Games is excited to announce a release date for their upcoming VR horror experience Fractured Sanity and it's coming at the end of this month! Fractured Sanity is a short but terrifying virtual reality experience set in the Triton Health Asylum. Dr. Matthew Simmons has been conducting strange experiments on how to break someones ego and super ego apart and you are caught in the midst of it all. You wake up in the clinic with no recollection of how you got there and must do everything you can to discover what happened and escape once and for all.

Gabriel Marques, the cocreator of the game explains: “When we started this project, we knew it couldn’t be just another jumpscare-infested walking simulator – it had to have mechanics, immersion, atmosphere. That’s how it was with classic horror games we grew up with, so why not bring that to VR?” 

See below for some key gameplay features:

  • Explore a locked up facility that you need to escape by finding hidden items, solving puzzles, and paying attention to details
  • Interact with the many secrets on what's going on inside this facility. Feel the immersion from opening doors, using your flashlight, among interacting with other environmental objects
  • Survive the monsters and horrors that await you. You do have a gun but keep in mind ammo is limited!

Fractured Sanity is coming to SteamVR and Oculus App Lab on March 28th, 2023. You can wishlist the game now on Steam to support the developers!

Check out the official trailer below: