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Metroid Fusion comes to Nintendo Switch Online next week

by: Nathan -
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Metroid fans have been eating very good lately. Dread was released last year, Metroid Prime Remastered just a few weeks ago and the two Game Boy Advance games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online, with one of them coming next week. 

Metroid Fusion is my second favorite Metroid game next to Super Metroid. Though it is a little short, this game has an incredible atmosphere and is probably the darkest and scariest of all the Metroid games so far. This game has some of the best bosses in the series as well. It also has the most obnoxious boss runback imaginable where the game intentionally tries to waste as much of your health and resources possible before you get to the boss room. That said, still an amazing game. 

Metroid Fusion launches for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Switch Online service on March 9th.