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Ultra Pro Wrestling is looking to bring back the N64 days of pro wrestling videogames

by: Nathan -
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Disclosure: I am currently backing this game on Kickstarter. 

To fans of professional wrestling, and who are old enough to remember, the Nintendo 64 is probably seen as their favorite game console. You know what I'm talking about. WCW/nWo Revenge, No Mercy, banger after banger after banger from AKI. While AEW Fight Forever vows to bring back that classic N64 wrestling game feel, another indie dev is trying to do the same with Ultra Pro Wrestling. 

The announce trailer for Ultra Pro Wrestling perfectly captures the look, feel and even sound of those classic AKI games like Virtual Pro Wrestling, WCW/NWO Revenge and No Mercy. The trailer looks like its got some pretty cool features as well including a six sided ring, steel cage matches, an MMA style cage, weapons, and different wrestling federations and venue sizes. 

Ultra Pro Wrestling is planning on releasing on Playstation, Xbox, PC and Switch but has no release date yet as a Kickstarter campaign is currently ongoing for the game.