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This is the way. Astro has The Mandalorian Edition of their A30s

by: John -
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Just in time for the third season that's coming out tomorrow, Logitech and Astro has announced the A30 Wireless Gaming Headset The Mandalorian Edition. These are the A30s that were released October of last year, but with a color scheme and side tags that are branded with our favorite Grogu caretaker with other little easter eggs sprinkled in.

The A30 is a wireless headset that is compatible with all current consoles and PC via a dongle. You can also plug it in to a source with the 3.5mm cable should you run out of battery and want to continue to use them. Wireless support is of both Lightspeed 2.5GHz and Bluetooth.

There's both an onboard mic and a detachable boom mic for voice communication. Taking it on the go connected to your phone, you can stash away the boom mic and still be able to take calls with the included onboard mic.

And all this can be carried in a nice protective case that comes in the package. Having a hard case really helps keeps your headset nice and safe and you'll want to keep this one safe with how cool it looks.

The A30 Wireless Gaming Headset The Mandalorian Edition retails for $249, a $19 premium over the A30, and you can order it now.