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Land of Legends nearing gold

by: Tyler -
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Shrapnel Games and Tiny Hero announced that their latest turn-based fantasy strategy, Land of Legends, is expected to go gold in mid August. I got a chance to play around with an early build, and I was very impressed. It’s a bit like Advance Wars in a fantasy setting, and just as addicting. Best of all, each of the scenarios can be played out in under an hour, making it the perfect lunchbreak game.
Land of Legends Conjures A Golden Date!
Expected Gold Date For Fantasy Game Announced!

Cary, NC, 19 July 2005

Seattle based developer Tiny Hero Game Studios and independent berpublisher of superlative strategy gaming, Shrapnel Games, are pleased to announce that the expected gold date of Land of Legends is August 15th. Once the gold candidate is accepted full production can commence, with a ship date therefore occurring either around the end of August, or the beginning of September.

Land of Legends will be available for the Windows operating environment and will retail for the modest sum of $34.95. Gamers who wish to be amongst the first on their block to own this fast-paced and challenging fantasy strategy title will want to pre-order through Shrapnel Games' very own consumer friendly e-store, the Gamers Front (www.gamersfront.com).

Land of Legends is an exciting turn-based strategy game set in a mystical world caught in a war between the shining forces of goodness, and the nefarious armies of evil. Players will find themselves fielding the armies of eight fantasy races, each with their own unique troop composition and abilities, against an AI that knows how to make you pay for each terrain tile with your digital blood. And with a built-in free Internet matching
service testing your battlefield skill against other humans is as easy as a few clicks!

Designed to allow would-be world conquerors to enjoy the smell of burning dwarf in the morning without having to spend their entire life in front of the monitor, Land of Legends plays quick and is the perfect strategy diversion during lunch hours, boring class lectures, and annoying 3 AM infomercials. Of course that's not to say you can't devote your entire life to Land of Legends; with a thirty-two mission campaign, eight playable races, seventy plus special abilities, endless skirmishes against the AI, and free matchmaking for multiplayer throw-downs, your life can easily be consumed by Land of Legends. And trust us, everyone at Tiny Hero and Shrapnel hopes your life does become consumed by it (naturally though you still need to make room for all our other titles).

If you've ever wished to experience a rich and deeply satisfying strategy title but found your Free Time (you do remember what the magical Free Time is, right?) slipping away then here's the game for you! Full of endless strategic possibilities and massive replayability, Land of Legends is an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet of lunchbreak gaming that never runs out of General Tso's Chicken.

When Land of Legends goes gold you will be able to find the news announcement at the Shrapnel Games website (www.shrapnelgames.com). Until then be sure to check out the screenshot gallery for Land of Legends, and peruse our extensive catalog of product information and downloadable game demos. If you consider yourself a strategy gamer there will definitely be something in our line to please you, no matter if you classify yourself as a fantasy gamer, sci-fi gamer, or historical grognard.