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Backpack Hero unpacks full release to consoles in May

by: Elliot -
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I watched the entire trailer for Backpack Hero twice and still found myself confused about how the combat works. Confused but intrigued. Backpack Hero has been in early access and so far has managed to attract 180,000 players, nothing crazy, but again, intriguing. The game's twist is taking the normal deck-building roguelike and doing something different. “Success in each combat encounter isn’t about what you carry, but how you organize items in your bag.” Backpack Hero has a roster of five heroes to choose from, each with a unique pool of items and abilities that make each character feel and play differently. The robot, CR-8, for example, lets you program commands in your backpack Factorio-style, while Pochette carries pets, giving Backpack Hero a Pokemon-esque style of play.

The release on consoles also has a new town feature, which is something you can see in the newly released trailer. With the addition of the town feature, you will transfer your organizational skills from your backpack to the streets to construct a perfect town with the resources you gather on your adventures.

No specific date has been given for release, just sometime in May. Backpack Hero will be available on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.