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Where is our PS VR 2 coverage?

by: Eric -
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Regular readers of Gaming Nexus are likely aware that we are huge fans of VR. We have historically provided VR coverage for games, sometimes being the only site to do so. We happily review new VR devices, and enjoy playing with our new toys just as much as we enjoy writing about them. So where, then, is our PlayStation VR 2 coverage?

Well, it probably won't come as a shock to anyone that Gaming Nexus - while possibly the oldest - is not the biggest videogame website in the world. As a result, we are just now getting started on our coverage for PlayStation VR 2, as our review units flow into our homes across the US. 

But never fear, as we are on the case. We currently have the following games on the docket for full reviews:

  • Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder
  • Demeo
  • Moss
  • Moss: Book II
  • The Last Clockwinder
  • Townsmen VR
  • What the Bat?
  • Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded

As you can see, as usual we are focusing on some of the smaller indie titles that might not be getting coverage by the major sites. And of course, we plan on adding many more titles to this list as we move forward, including some of the bigger titles. We will have three PlayStation VR units going forward, more than enough to cover the hell out of the PlayStation VR 2. We're just a little late to the party!