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TerraScape is bringing a unique mix of city building and card games to Steam Early Access

by: Eric -
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Developer Bitfall Studios and publisher Toplitz Productions are gearing up for the Early Access release of TerraScape, a very cool-looking city builder coming soon to Steam.

TerraScape combines city building with a unique, almost board-game-like card mechanic. Players draw buildings from a deck of cards, and then place them strategically on the hex board. Buildings exert "influence" on other structures, so players need to carefully consider their placement to ensure that each building generates positive influence, and therefore points. If they place the buildings on their cards well, they get to draw new cards and continue. But place your buildings wily-nily, and your city will grind to a halt. 

TerraScape looks to be a pretty relaxed title, with the player taking all the time they need to make decisions. There is no pressure, and no bandits or vikings are ever gonna raid your carefully constructed town. A procedural map generator ensures that players will have an endless supply of new worlds to build in, and since the game is releasing in Early Access, plenty of decks, cards, maps, and modes will be added to the game before it officially "releases". 

There are no trailers online yet for TerraScape, but you can grab a quick look at the game (and add it to your wishlist) over on the official TerraScape Steam page.