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New video details gameplay in The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR on PS VR2

by: Eric -
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Of all the cool games arriving soon on PlayStation VR2, the one that has me the most excited is Supermassive Games' The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR. A sequel of sorts to the PS VR original title Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Switchback follows a similar gameplay loop, strapping players into a rollercoaster and then running them through some of the most horrifying environments possible.

The first game was based on characters and imagery from Until Dawn, but Switchback has a much broader palate to draw from; the entirety of the The Dark Pictures series is fair game. All four of the Dark Pictures games will be represented as levels in Switchback, and as players of Rush of Blood know, the interpretations of these stories can be pretty liberal. Expect the unexpected.

Supermassive today dropped a new video onto YouTube, with Game Director Alejandro Arque Gallardo talking through the game and how it works. Check it out:

I absolutely cannot wait for this game. Luckily, there is less than a month left before it arrives; Switchback VR is now scheduled to release on March 16, 2023.