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Resource management Plan B: Terraform hit Early Access

by: Elliot -
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Starting today, players can take part in terraforming a brand new planet after Earth was made inhospitable due to global warming. Players are tasked with growing forests, forming rivers and oceans, and making this new Plan B planet a viable new place to call home. Plan B: Terraform is a game resource management title that has just hit Early Access. Plan B: Terraform wants players to build and expand a habitable colony for Earth’s survivors. Creating homes and cities is one of your first priorities. Other tasks include warming up the atmosphere, forming rivers and oceans, and growing forests. The game’s map is made up of more than a million hexagons. One of the big features of Plan B: Terraform is that developer Gaddy Games wants the title to be both calm and contemplative.

Plan B: Terraform is available right now on Steam. If you’re interested you can join the discussion with like-minded terraformers can join the official Discord server.