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Try Cassette Beasts co-op demo during Steam's Friendship Games Week

by: Elliot -
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Fresh off Steam’s Next Fest we have Friendship Games Week. Friendship Games Week focuses on bringing friends together through a variety of cooperative modes from now until February 21.

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it till I die. I love the look of 2D-HD titles. If I know nothing else about the game, I know I’ll at least give it a try. Cassette Beasts might be the next one to try. “Venture to New Wirral with a friend in co-op, discovering beautifully crafted monsters to collect and combine. You’ll explore Harbourtown and face the Archangel miniboss while uncovering the first pieces of the game’s narrative.”

By completing the initial monster transformation tutorial players will unlock the ability to play co-op via local multiplayer or Steam Remote Play Together. Another highlight is that game saves will carry over to the full game.