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BigscreenVR makes their own VR HMD and you can pre-order it now

by: John -
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BigscreenVR is known for their awesome program that lets you watch content on a simulated big screen in many different environments alone or with other people. It's one of the great VR programs out there that lets you experience media in a nice populated environment should one desire to experience going to a movie theater without leaving your home. BigscreenVR saw a need to try and push the next generation of VR HMDs forward and they might have something special with the Bigscreen Beyond.

The Bigscreen Beyond is a very small and lightweight HMD that's going to be customized for each person ordering it. First off, there's a pair of 90hz 2560x2560 micro-OLED displays that are under pancake lenses. If you haven't experienced micro-OLED displays, they are pretty awesome giving a screen door-free viewing experience. I have a pair of Nreal Airs and the micro-OLED displays are really a sight to behold.

Bigscreen says it's a FOV of 90 degrees by 93 degrees so it's not going to be something like the Valve Index, but comparable to the Meta Quest 2. While smaller than I would've liked, it should be suitable for today's VR gaming needs.

Instead of selling an all in one solution, Bigscreen requests you send them the IPD you want, a scan of your face from their iPhone app, and if need be, your prescription. That's because Bigscreen wants to create a custom facial gasket that molds to your face to offer a comfortable fit and to block as much light as possible. Since there's no IPD adjustment on the Beyond, Bigscreen will ship you the HMD with the IPD you request. And if you wear glasses, they'll create magnetic lens attachments with your prescription. There's no wearing glasses with the Beyond with how close they sit to your face.

As you can tell, Bigscreen is really looking to tailor make their HMD to your face and because of this method, they are hoping this will provide a truly comfortable and awesome experience when wearing it. With its small size and custom attachments, this might be a headset that you can wear a long, long time and not suffer from any fatigue.

Tracking is done via Valve base stations and it supports both the first and second generation base stations. I was also hoping for inside out tracking because I'd love to have something like this in a racing sim and not have to deal with base stations like what I currently have with the Meta Quest 2 and the HP Reverb G2. But, you'll get pretty accurate tracking for both the HMD and the controllers that you pair it with.

Bigscreen isn't shipping anything else with the Beyond other than the attachments needed for your face so you'll have to provude your own base stations and controllers. This is really something for the enthusiasts who already has a VR setup, but want a much smaller and lighter HMD and a return to those incredible blacks with OLED displays.

Pre-ordering now starts at $999, which puts it in the upper tier of consumer VR HMDs and if you are new to VR or don't have Lighthouses, that's going to be another $300-$600 on top of that. Considering you can get an entire Valve Index setup with base stations and controllers for the same price, you'll see why the Beyond is a rather pricey setup. But, if it lives up to the hype that Bigscreen is pushing, then the visuals and comfort on the Beyond could be second to none in the consumer space. Orders are expected to start shipping Q3 of 2023.