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News Roundup: Hot Ninja Beat

by: Randy -
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  • John Yan's Action Game of the Year:  Stranglehold.  (No no no.  John only likes it because he's Asian.)
  • (...I should get banned for little asides like that one.)  Spider Man: Friend or Foe -- demo!  And peep Cyril's preview up above, too.
  • Wow, this game just won't die.  Here's an updated DX9 and DX10 demo of Lost Planet.
Videos, Screens
  • ActionTrip previews the mighty return of a venerable series in Team Fortress 2.
  • Killer Betties wasn't as impressed with Carcasonne as everyone else.
  • MMORPG.com webbed a review copy of the Razer Tarantula gaming keyboard.
  • Several game journalists gathered at Richard Garriott's place for some Tabula Rasa-themed fun.
  • Dan Fortier's MMOWTF column tackles MMO difficulty (to include the concept of perma-death).
  • The multiplayer aspect of Sacred 2 was placed in the hands of ActionTrip.
  • AtomicGamer was rather unaffected by Medal of Honor: Airborne's start-anywhere antics.
  • WarCry has one more interview from AGDC, with Auran CEO Tony Hilliam.
  • Get caught up in the development cycle of Darkfall with this latest dev diary.
  • And somebody's a huge fan of the Conan series at WarCry, as they crank out an article on "Mitra's Method -- Unwritten Lore in Age of Conan."
Thanks to ActionTrip, AtomicGamer, Killer Betties, MMORPG.com, and WarCry for today's News Roundup.