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New demo available for open world rogue-lite Ravenbound

by: Henry -
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Developer Systemic Reaction has released a limited time free demo for their upcoming open world action rogue-lite game Ravenbound as part of Steam Next Fest! They also released a brand new trailer featuring some of the monsters you might encounter on your journey across the world of Avalt. So what are you waiting for?!

You play as the Vessel in this Scandinavian folktales inspired rogue-lite. You come equipped with a powerful weapon known as the Raven forged by gods to cleanse the land of Avalt of darkness, so it is up to you to defeat ferocious foes in order to save the world. Gameplay is set in an open world and you can choose where to go and what to do, but be wary of the ever changing landscape and creatures. Combat is up close and personal, and you'll find yourself clashing against trolls and the undead. Remember this is a rogue-lite, and you only have one life. The game utilizes a unique deck building mechanic that grants you more powerful gear and weapons with each new run. This is where the permanent progression comes in, as you extend your deck each time you die. Sounds pretty neat to me.

Ravenbound is coming to PC via Steam sometime in the future, but a demo is available now for free until February 13 as part of Steam Next Fest. You can wishlist the game too to support the developers!

Check out the newest trailer detailing the monsters of Ravenbound below: