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PlayStation 3 might get another SKU for the holidays, Chuck screams into the air NoOooOoOooO

by: John -
Chuck's a person that hates multiple SKUs and I can't blame him. If there aren't enough version of the PlayStation 3, the folks at Ars Technica has inside word that we might see a 40GB PlayStation 3 coming in and retailing for $399.  A bundle of Spider-Man 3 might also make it in to the 40GB, 60gb, or both. Finally the tried and true PlayStation 2 will sell for $99. The hard drive is the easiest component to change on the PlayStation 3 unlike the Xbox 360 as you can use any laptop drive with instructions in the PlayStation 3 manual detailing how. As long as the only difference is the hard drive size between the PlayStation 3 SKUs then I'm all for it.