What we played this weekend

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OK, so the post is a bit on the late side, please consider this more of a retrospective than a statement of intent.

Ben Berry – Staff Writer/Finally entering Rapture
After several days of Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar this past week, I need to get away from the PC. I've finally got my hands on Bioshock, and I'll be sitting down to that tonight. I'm also helping my girlfriend finish Enchanted Arms and Phoenix Wright I, before she digs into And Justice for All 
Elliot Bonnie – Staff Writer/Keeping it Short and Sweet
This weekend is looking like a lot of Madden '08 for the review and I am also working on my second play through of Bioshock.
Sean Colleli – Staff Writer/Bioshock Pariah
Finished Bioshock, in process of finishing Prime 3 (that last boss is a real pain).  Bioshock...I don't know, I can't help but feel a little let down.  There were some really awesome, creepy moments, but I could never get past the goofy 50's atmosphere and the fact that my guns were made out of paint cans.  And I really wanted an inventory screen the whole time.  Yeah, it was good, the ending was a bit meh, but the RPG elements felt too dumbed down and the end boss was disappointing.  Bioshock just didn't live up to the terrifying masterpiece that is System Shock 2.
 Randy Kalista – Staff Writer/Still hasn’t figured out the mystery of Atlas
With my mind on my money and my money on my mind, I'm working late shifts at the ol' 9 to 5 (it's more like an 8 to 7 nowadays, but I'm not bugging Dolly Parton for a rewrite).  Review copies of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 and Project Sylpheed arrive in my mailbox shortly, and I'm making my way through Rapture's toxic Arcadia district in BioShock.  Sorry.  I'm probably one of the only guys at GamingNexus that hasn't finished the game yet.
Shawn Sines- Staff Writer/Brainwashed by Namco Bandai
On the plate this week is Guild Wars EOTN and Blue Dragon with a little guilty time thrown in because I just can't stop playing Dynasty Warriors: Gundam. Sure it's the most mindless fighting game, and plays exactly like any of the 3000 other Dynasty Warriors titles but it's actually a GOOD Gundam game!
Charles Husemann – Editor In Chief/Slacker
My main goal this weekend is to try and wrap up Bioshock but I'm also going to try and get a few rounds of the Call of Duty 4 mutlplayer in and if I have nothing else to do I might force myself to play more Lair.  This weekend is the start of the NFL season (which means NHL camps break soon) so I imagine that will kill a bit of my gaming time this weekend.
John Yan – Sr. Hardware Editor/Not Playing Bioshock
This weekend I shall be playing a little bit of NCAA Football 08 as this will be my next game to review. I was suppose to skip this year's version but EA did send us a copy so I'm more than happy to take a look at this year's version. So far it ain't bad as they've added some nice little features and I'm happy to avenge the loss to Florida with my Ohio State Buckeyes last night as I scheduled them in my second game of the season. I'll probably hit a few games on the PC though as I just got the G9 Laser Mouse from Logitech so I'm going to run through a gamet of first person shooters and RTS games including BioShock, Unreal Tournament 2004, and Command and Conquer 3.