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Bring fashion to the streets with Fashion Police Squad

by: Elliot -
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Looking for something new to play that you can finish in a weekend? Sassy non-violent shooter Fashion Police Squad might be your cup of tea. “The Fashion Police Squad has been mobilized, as things in Trendopolis are DIRE! Baggy pants, dull suits, sightings of socks with sandals?!” Fashion Police Squad is a first-person with a twist. Instead of hurting your targets you show them how to get a better fit and come out looking gorgeous. The idea of a weapon being called the 2DYE4 Carbine Elite seems funny. There’s also a weapon that acts as a whip, in order to tie a belt around saggy pants. Fashion Police Squad can be finished in three to four hours, perfect to play in one big sitting, or over the weekend.

Fashion Police Squad is out now for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.