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Wandering Sword shows off new trailer ahead of Steam Next Fest demo

by: Elliot -
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I can not get enough of the HD-2D games. I’ve been lucky too that most of the ones I’ve played have been good. I’m hoping Wandering Sword will carry on that trend. Publisher Spiral Up Games has just released a new trailer and demo of wuxia-style RPG, just in time for February’s Steam Next Fest. “Transform into a young swordsman caught up in a deadly feud between rival sects in ancient China. Traverse across scenic locations, charming towns and dangerous terrains. Make friends with like minded pugilists and go on quests to help the weak while honing your martial arts to become a kung fu grandmaster.”

One of the features that intrigued me with Wandering Sword was the replayability. Different choices you make will lead to different endings for the game. There are also a great number of side quests you can opt to take on besides the main quest, which will provide many hours of adventure time.

Players can Wishlist Wandering Sword on Steam right now. A free demo will launch on the platform on February 6th, during the upcoming Steam Next Fest. Look out for Eric's review of Wandering Sword next week.