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Check out Cody Rhodes' entrance in WWE 2K23

by: Nathan -
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Adrenaline! In my soul! Entrance video for Cody Rhodes!

Okay now that I got that cringy joke out of the way, one of the things im excited about with WWE 2K23 is the return of Cody Rhodes to the series. Cody Rhodes has an amazing entrance song in "Kingdom" and 2K captured it perfectly here especially with the pyro and the crowd singing along with the "WOAHHHH" part of the song. Im hoping we get an alternate Wrestle Mania entrance also with the Codyvator. 

Something interesting about the entrance also is that you can see some updates that 2K made with the presentation as you can see reflections on the entrance ramp which look amazing. 

WWE 2K23 launches March 17th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X and PC. 

Video courtesy of IGN