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Newest Fortnite collab is with Frank's RedHot

by: Elliot -
More On: Fortnite

I decided to no longer be shocked when I found out about the next Fortnite collaboration. Superheroes, anime characters, and multiple versions of Zendaya, all pale in comparison to this one. “Frank’s RedHot has released their very own game in Fortnite: ‘The Floor is Flava’, a flavor-packed spin on the classic Floor is Lava! Gamers will be challenged to be the last player standing or otherwise dive into delicious doom, because when Frank’s is flowing, no one loses. As players navigate the chicken wing-shaped island, they’ll use chickens as jetpacks, Chili Chugs for speed boosts, and play defense with RedHot sauce launchers and chiller grenades.”

If that wasn’t enough Fortnite is adding a handful of unique features that will be specific to The Floor is Flava. The ability for players to emote while dying for the first time ever, weapons that are solely devoted to the fire/explosion theme, and multiple escape points within the map, allowing for every gameplay to be different.

To play the Floor is Flava in Fortnite Creative Mode, players can use island code: 3840-4599-3966.