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Goldeneye 007 coming to Nintendo Switch Online and Gamepass later this week

by: Nathan -
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The wait is finally over. After 20+ years, one of the greatest FPS games ever made is finally getting a re-release. Announced late last year, Goldeneye 007 will make it's way to the Nintendo Switch Online service and Xbox Game Pass this Friday.

There is a catch however. Both versions of the game seem like they are going to look and play the same however the Nintendo Switch version will have online multiplayer for up to four players. The Gamepass version will still include the multiplayer but it will be local split screen only. Disappointing but I assume it was either this or nothing as this game has been tied up in legal drama regarding the rights to the game for all this time. 

Both the Nintendo Switch Online and the Xbox Gamepass version of Goldeneye 007 will launch on January 27th 2023.