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World War Z next gen update and Horde Mode XL released today

by: Rob -
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While other platform users seem to already be in. I'm in the queue with the Playstation players still waiting to jump into the next-gen goodness. Saber Support is aware of the issue and folks are working on a fix in the background.

"We're aware there's an issue where the World War Z: Aftermath's upgrade option from PS4 to PS5 is currently not free. We're working to fix this. Stay tuned."
-Saber Support

But otherwise, World War Z's next-gen update arrived in online digital marketplaces today. It's a free update that adds 4K 60 FPS on PS5 and Xbox Series X (sorry Xbox Series S, these are not the specs you're looking for) and adds the Horde Mode XL which promises to drop over 1,000 zombies into the horde waves at once. Intense. 

I'm looking forward to the fix so I can finally get my hands on the update and new mode and write an upcoming article about how it compares to the last-gen game. I guess I'll just have to start watching HBO's Last of Us series while I wait... Or maybe stream the WWZ movie somewhere... So many zombie options, so little time.