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Resource management game Plan B: Terraform coming to Steam Early Access in Feb. 2023

by: Henry -
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Developer Gaddy Games has announced that its upcoming resource management title, Plan B: Terraform, will be entering Early Access on February 15th. Set in the near future, where Earth has struggled to limit the effects of global warming, the game tasks players with building and expanding a colony on a new, untouched planet.

In Plan B: Terraform, players will be responsible for not only creating homes for Earth's survivors, but also building entire cities to manage the terraformation of the new planet. By completing various tasks, players will gradually make the planet more hospitable for human life. Players will be able to build terraforming devices to warm the atmosphere, melt ice and encourage rainfall in order to form rivers and oceans. Once certain conditions are met, players will be able to plant trees and create lush forests.

The world of Plan B: Terraform is composed of over a million hexagons, providing a realistic and vast environment for players to explore. The game features a global and real-time simulation of temperature, vegetation growth and the formation of rivers and oceans, allowing players to witness the radical evolution of the population as the colony expands from just a few inhabitants to a million and more.

Plan B: Terraform is coming to PC via Steam Early Access on February 15, 2023. A free demo is available on Steam for those curious about the title.