What we're playing this weekend

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Elliot Bonnie – Staff Writer/Keeping it short and sweet
This long weekend is all about the Call of Duty 4 Beta, Bioshock, and Metroid. It is a great time to be a gamer.
Ben Berry – Staff Writer/Keeping up with the demos
First and foremost, I'll be spending a little time playing my way through the demos I got at PAX: America's Army: Overmatch, Guild Wars, and Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar. I'm also planning on finally picking up Bioshock this weekend. And in my dreams I'll be alternating between racking up high scores on the drums in Rock Band, and exploring untold numbers of planets in Mass Effect. Late fall cannot get here fast enough."

Sean Colleli – Staff Writer/Keeping up with the Beta Testers
I won't state the obvious (too much) to say that I'm knee deep in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and loving it.  It's so good that it pulled me away from my PS2 defection (and Guitar Hero was giving me calluses).  So, yeah, it's great, if you have a Wii go get it.  When I was buying Metroid I also picked up Rune Factory, the latest from the happy Harvest Moon people at Natsume.  It's a lot like Harvest Moon but mixes some traditional RPG elemets and dungeon crawling in with the farming.  The difficulty curve is pretty steep and like most HM games it takes a lot of patience, but the new additions make it a more engaging experience.  In any case it's a hell of a lot better than Harvest Moon DS was.

I'm still fighting with Bioshock too--it's a real love-hate relationship so far.  Isn't it about time that 2K issued a patch for all us nerds trying to slog through the bugs on our own?  If I wanted to be a beta tester, I would've taken more programming classes last quarter.

Randy Kalista – Staff Writer/Keeping it in the water
My gaming laptop's dead-in-the-water, but my 360's still running like a champ. So, to answer your question, Sport: Yes. Yes I'm still playing BioShock this weekend. I know that game journalists are supposed to efficiently devour titles and quickly move on to the Next Big Thing. But I like it in Rapture. It's nice here. Let's stay here.

Matt Mirkovich – Staff Writer/Keeping the DS recharged
So I beat Bioshock already, I managed to sneak in to a co-workers pad and beat it really quickly. Damn fine game if you ask me. Now that that is out of the way. Persona 3 here I come baby! That is if it doesn't kill me after running around for ten minutes. What else, what else. Oh yeah some Brain Age 2 is what's going down in my DS along with a revisit to one of the best games released last year, Elite Beat Agents. AGENTS! ARE! GO!

Shawn Sines – Staff Writer/Keeping track of his clones
Well I'll be finishing up Metroid Prime 3: Corruption to begin the weekend but as I'm going to the great outdoors camping with the miniature clone army and I can't bring the Wii I'll probably end up finishing Neverwinter Nights 2 on my laptop to pass the time while they fish and do other analog things.

Tyler Sager – Senior Staff Writer/Keeping it Civilized
I'm still not playing Bioshock...in fact, it'll probably be a while before I dive into that gaming goodness.  So I'm going to content myself with too much CivIV, while continuing to have a lot of fun with Titan Quest.  Hopefully the long weekend will give me some extra free time.

Charles Husemann- Editor in Chief/Keeping ‘em honest
Too many damn games to play. I’m going to try and wrap up Bioshock this weekend, I know I’m not halfway through the game yet but the game just keeps pulling me back. I’ll also be spending time with Warhawk and Lair (why oh why do you force me to use the SIXAXIS controls?). 

John Yan - Seinor Hardware Editor/Keeping it late
I'm going to keep chugging away at BioShock with the little time I have so I can finish it before a plethora of good games come out in the next month or two. Until then I'm not going to try to get Warhawk because I don't want to be distracted.