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Finnish Army Simulator lets you simulate being in the Army... in Finland

by: Rob -
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Some games are odd. Others are quirky. Finnish Army Simulator is... I'm not sure what the heck this game is. There is an Early Access trailer here that describes the game a bit. It's all well and good: do your training, pitch your tent, clean your rifle. It's a army simulator and unlike what Call of Duty would have you believe, being in the army is much more about routine than combat. But the PC trailer from a few months ago is the best descent into madness about the game I can imagine, so enjoy that embedded below. 

Finnish Army Simulator goes into Early Access on Steam today. While this game might go through the paces of everyday Army life, I'll always hold out hope that maybe we may one day get a Troll hunter expansion pack. Or perhaps that will have to just be a mod...