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Dead Space adding narrative elements in new launch trailer

by: Rob -
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I loved Dead Space the first go through and am eagerly awaiting the remake to drop. What I have to bide my time for now is the latest trailer, a launch trailer that has a very interesting new element to it... other people?

In the original, our protagonist Isaac Clarke was very much isolated and on his own uncovering the mystery of the Ishimura. But it looks like in this retelling, he is arriving with a crew. It also appears the crew is not long for this world, and my guess is the majority of the game will see you alone against the tide of the necromorphs. 

Dead Space remake releases January 27th. You can read more about why great story matters on the latest blog on the official page: https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/dead-space/dead-space/news/inside-dead-space-5-story-matters