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Undisputed punches its way into early access later this month

by: Nathan -
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I remember when Fight Night Round 3 was released on the Xbox 360 and blown away I was by it. I played it over a friends house and that was the game to make my jaw drop at the graphics and just how good videogames could look compared to the previous generation. While I don't watch boxing and am more of a MMA person, I still had a ton of fun with that game. For a long time however there hasn't been a major boxing videogame released and Undisputed is trying to change that. 

Undisputed aims to be the most authentic boxing game ever created with true to life visuals, tons of licensed boxers, a revolutionary footwork gameplay system and real life boxing organizations such as the WBC, British Boxing Board of Control and more. 

The roster for this game is looking pretty impressive as well both male and female boxers including modern day fighters and legends including Tyson Fury, Muhammad Ali, Katie Taylor, Sugar Ray Leonard and more. 50 of them will be available when the game goes into early access on January 31st 2023.