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Akira X Furi inspired cyberpunk bike battler Gripper announced; Launches Q1 2023 for PC/Switch

by: Henry -
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Developer Heart Core has announced their upcoming Furi and Akira inspired boss battler on wheels Gripper for PC and Nintendo Switch. Hop on your own cyberbike and battle menacing bosses while listening to a future-synth soundtrack. The development team for this game includes veterans from Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Rainbow Six Siege, so you know it's got the credits to deliver a gripping story and action-packed combat!

You play as a biker named None, as he attempts to save the world from collapsing due to a rogue AI known as Zero. A mechanized feline buddy named Cat-Kit accompanies you as you venture across treacherous tunnels and abandoned lands to defeat bosses by ripping out their dreaded hearts! Gameplay consists of three parts: regrouping at the Main Hub to upgrade and customize your bike, traveling through Tunnels while listening to electronic beats, and lastly fighting Boss Battles that feature colossal enemy mechs that symbolize a different theme in the game. Gripper features more than just action bits as it also features a heartfelt narrative about grief, love, and loss!

See below for a quote from co-founder Kirill Zolovkin: “The idea was born when I lost my mother, and as a game designer, I wanted to express my feelings through gameplay. Such sensitive emotional topics are usually covered in adventure games, but I dreamt of a boss fight game where each boss is a stage of grief. Throughout the game you literally tear enemies apart to reveal their hearts, which sing with voices of those who you lost. Each one gives you an ability. Once you regain them all you are ready to rescue your family. Rather, you rescue yourself. It was never about gripping and ripping, but letting it go.”

Gripper is coming to PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch sometime in Q1 of 2023. You can wishlist the game now on Steam to support the developers!

Check out the announcement trailer below: