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Visual novel Roller Drama skates our way on January 26

by: Elliot -
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I keep telling myself I’m going to try a Visual novel one of these days. Perhaps Roller Drama will be it. Italian indie studio Open Lab Games announced the release date for their visual novel and sport management mashup game, Roller Drama. Players will be able to lead a roller derby team to victory on PC, Switch, iOS, and Android on January 26th, with Playstation and Xbox releases planned for later dates.

In Roller Drama, players will be able to use strategy and real-time controls to guide their team to victory on the roller derby track. Outside the ring, players will have to manage the personalities and relationships of their team members as they navigate the challenges of friendship, heartbreak, and the collapse of society. With interactive narratives, multiple endings, and explorable environments, Roller Drama hopes to be a truly immersive gaming experience.

Other notable features of Roller Drama include the ability to upgrade the team's abilities over time, hand-drawn character art by illustrator Vic Macioci, and the option to play with either a controller or mouse and keyboard.