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Roguelike deckbuilder Power Chord debuts January 26 on PC and encores on Switch later in the future

by: Henry -
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Developer Big Blue Bubble has finally announced a release date for their heavy metal roguelike deckbuilder Power Chord as it launches on PC soon on January 26, 2023. The title will also come to Switch later in the future at an unknown date. The developers have stated that their game was inspired by the likes of Slay The Spire, Monster Train, and Darkest Dungeon.

Power Chord has you assembling the best musicians of the modern era to take on legions of demons that attempt to invade Earth. You will lead the battle in turn-based fashion with a diverse cast of cards and characters to choose from. Learn to string together harmonious combos in order to take back your hometown! Be careful though because your band members can die in battle and you will lose access to them until you revive them at rare pit stop locations.

Check out the release date trailer below: