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CES 2023: TCL introduces some new AR and VR products

by: John -
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Being an almost daily user of my Nreal Airs, I'm on the lookout for more AR glasses as well as VR setups to compliment both my mobile gaming and time spent in Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR. TCL, makers of many types of electronics but probably best known for their TVs, announced a few new things at CES today.

The RayNeo X2 looks like some of the AR glasses out there that are designed to be more traditional looking glasses than something futuristic. Something that looks different about these are they aren't reflecting the Micro-OLED screens to your vision via some prism but rather the Micro-LED displays seem to either be sitting in the lenses themselves. Notice I said Micro-LED and not Micro-OLED as these seem to be using a different display technology than whats out there in products like the Nreal Air and the Rokid Air AR. FOV seems a little small though at 25 degrees.

Another difference in the RayNeo X2 is that they have a battery built into one of the arms long with a Snapdragon XR2 processor. Also onboard is 6GB of RAM and storage of 128GBs. There are an array of sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscope, compass, and pressure sensor giving you 3DoF tracking.

The RayNeo X2 will be available for developers this year, but no word on when a commercial launch will be.

Now the one I'm interested in more is the NXTWEAR S. This product is close to what the Nreal Airs are in that you have Micro-OLED screens simulating a 130" screen from 4 meters away. If they are anything like the Nreal Airs, then they should provide some nice portable large screen viewing. We'll see if TCL is able to deliver a good viewing experience when the NXTWEAR S comes to the US in Q1 for $399.

Finally, the NXTWEAR V is TCL's VR headset. It weighs in at 236g and looks like it'll have inside-out tracking with cameras in various position on the front and corners. Front cameras provide the ability to provide a pass through viewing for an AR experience. It's got one overhead strap with a nice looking cushion for the back of the head. TCL says you'll get a 108-degrees field of view with the NXTWEAR V. No info on the displays being used but they did mention a 1512 ppi pixel density. There's a diopter adjustment on the NXTWEAR V, which is nice. No price was given nor release date.

TCL's got some interesting mobile display options coming out this year and I look forward to seeing how the NXTWEAR S does compared to the Nreal Airs.