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CES 2023: HYTE launches the Y40 computer case

by: John -
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And we're off with our first CES 2023 news item. Today, HYTE announced a brand new case. Dubbed the Y40, the new case removes the corner edge that was unique to their line of cases and goes with a more traditional rectangle design. The removal of the corner is to help cut costs down, but it will also bring some more interior space to the case as you do lose some with their previous design.

The Y40 has a tempered side panel that can be removed without using any tools, which is convenient. For GPUs, an included PCIE 4.0 riser cable allows for a vertical mount of GPUs of up to four slots in width. If you do have other expansion cards, the Y40 has slots for up to six of them but they have to be at half height.

Fan wise, the Y40 comes with two 120mm fans pre-installed behind the PSU area and another in the rear exhaust area. Up to 280mm AIOs is supported in the Y40 with a side mount configuration and if you decide to go mount it on top, you can do up to a 360mm AIO.

I/O wise, there's three USB ports on the front with two being of Type-A and one being a Type-C. A 3.5mm jack is also there for easy access when plugging in headphones.

$149.99 is the price tag for this case and it'll come in black, red, or white. All of them will have a black interior.

I have to see, the case does look pretty clean and one that I would enjoy having on my desk near me. The front and side window design allows those that want to show off their interior plenty of viewing angles to look into.

You can pick one up now from various retailers such as Amazon and Newegg.