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Bread & Fred demo available on Steam

by: Elliot -
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I’m hoping to convince a friend or two to give the upcoming co-op platformer Bread & Fred a try. Developed by Sand Castles Studio and published by Apogee Entertainment,the game is now available as a demo on Steam and features remote play. A full release of the game is set to launch in 2023. In this adorable and challenging-looking game, players must work together to help Bread and Fred, two penguins, reach the top of a snow-capped mountain. Players will jump, cling, and swing across platforms, ledges, and gaps in order to triumph over every obstacle in a winter wonderland. The game's cooperative element puts friendships to the test as players work together to reach the finish line. Players will also be able to test their skills in Speedrun mode to become the fastest penguins on the planet. Don’t have a friend to play Bread &Fred with; alternatively, players can play solo by using a trusty rock instead of one penguin.