What we're playing this weekend

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Ben Berry - Staff Writer/Influencer of Children (shudder)
My 13 and 9 year nieces will be visiting this weekend and bringing their Nintendo DS/DS Lites. So likely I'll be spending at least part of my weekend play MarioKart DS, Animal Crossing, or some animal based game on the DS between trips to the Zoo and the pool.

Elliot Bonnie - Staff Writer/Big Daddy in training
Eat... Sleep... Bioshock demo

Sean Colleli - Staff Writer/PS2 Sellout
I finally got around to buying a PS2, partially because Nintendo has forsaken its hardcore fans but mostly because I NEEDED GUITAR HERO.  I've played both games before at parties and such, but actually owning them is something else.  I've come to realize that they have a sort of sado-masochistic quality, much like Trauma Center and various shmups.  I'm working my way through career on medium and I find it decently challengng, but I'll need to do some seriuos practicing for Hard and Expert.  That fifth orange fret button still haunts my nightmares.

Randy Kalista - Staff Writer/Picker of open wounds
I'm taking a nostalgic lens to XBLA's much-debated (at least here at GamingNexus) Track and Field, and hoping the 360's thumbsticks can take more abuse than the old Boss joysticks from my Commodore 64 days.  Since I'm not an inherently evil person, Overlord makes for a splendidly cathartic experience.  And I'm also wearing a rubber band around my wrist and giving it a hearty *snap* as the urge to play through the fan-friggin'-tastic Bioshock demo keeps arising … simply because I don't want to wear any part of the experience thin before I pick up this bad boy on Tuesday.

Shawn Sines - Staff Writer/Civ Player Anonymous Founder
I am absorbed by Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword. I have given up eating, work and everything else this weekend to my recurring addiction to the insipid Civ series. This expansion won't let me go. I think I hear ambulances coming to take me to the hospital due to my extreme dehydration. I wonder if they'll let me take my laptop with me.

Cyril Lachel - Senior Staff Writer/Bullet Witch Survivor
Now that I'm done with Alien Syndrome (PSP/Wii) I'm actually hard pressed to think of any games to play.  I can already see my future: In a week or two I'm going to be complaining about having too much to play.  But for now I'm finding myself at a loss.  Now that I have this downtime I figure that it's about time I go back and actually play some games that I've been meaning to get to.  Despite enjoying the original, I've never actually gone all the way through Zone of the Enders 2.  I bought it years ago but never got past the first ten minutes, not sure why.  I have no more excuses so now is my chance to go through the game everybody raved about ... four years ago.  And if I finish that up maybe I can actually beat one of the Splinter Cell games.  I own all of them, yet for some odd reason I can't get into them enough to get past the first few levels.  Or maybe it's time for me to collect all of the achievement points in Bullet Witch.  On second thought, I would probably have more fun not playing games than playing Bullet Witch!

Tyler Sager - Senior Staff Writer/Gen Con attendee
I'll be heading down the street to visit GenCon this weekend, so I most likely won't have too much time for at-home gaming.  I'll be dropping by to spend some time with the good folks at Atari, and I'm really looking forward to getting a look at The Witcher, along with several of their other titles.  Of course, I'll also just be wandering the gaming floor, taking in the sights and sounds of the GenCon gaming goodness.  I'll be sure to report back with any interesting tidbits I happen to pick up.

If I do have a few spare moments, I'll most likely spend them with Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword or Titan Quest .

Charles Husemann - Editor In Chief/Plasmid Master
After playing the Home Owners Associaion Approval turn based strategy game for the last two months I think I'm going to be sitting outside on the new deck for a bit and working on some reviews.  Other than that I'll probably continue to grind in Tabula Rasa and play the Bioshock demo a few more times.

John Yan - Senior Hardware Editor/Loser of Sleep
I'm going to try Tabula Rasa and of course, BioShock.