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The Dawning event returns to Destiny

by: Rob -
More On: Destiny 2

New season, new dungeon, and the return of an annual event, there is a lot happening in Destiny 2 right now. Two days ago I mentioned the new dungeon, The Spire of the Watcher, and I'm happy to also update the API is finally back on-line and 3rd party tools are now working with Destiny again, hooray! Yesterday at the weekly reset, the Dawning began again. The Dawning is Destiny's annual holiday themed event where cookies are baked, new themed weapons and cosmetics are released, and of course loot falls like snow from the sky.

For cosmetics, this year brings an emblem, shader, Exotic Ghost for all who complete the in-game requirements. There is also another Exotic Ghost, an Exotic Sparrow, a new emote, and more available for purchase with Silver in the in-game store. Silver can be bought with real money so those items do require monetary investment. There is also a Seal and the title of “Star Baker” (I love the reference to Bake Off) for anyone who completes all of the challenges before the end of the event on January 2nd. 

The gameplay changes include the addition of a new Legendary Pulse Rifle, Stay Frosty PR7, and of course snowballs. Snowballs everywhere to toss at enemies and do additional damage. This year the snowballs are Stasis infused so it will be interesting to see how that interacts with other Stasis elemental weapons or abilities.