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Destiny 2 releases new dungeon as API goes down over the weekend

by: Rob -
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Destiny 2's latest season kicked off with the weekly reset last Tuesday. This weekend, the Spire of the Watcher dungeon also opened up. Dungeons in Destiny are advanced content that usually requires a fireteam of three for many players to beat. Although top tier players like to practice and solo them for the difficulty and the exclusive character emblems they earn as a result. So they aren't as hard as a 6-person raid which typically employs tactics that make them impossible to beat with a full contingent of players, but they are much harder that normal strikes and other activities. They also tend to give out good loot, which is why many players play looter shooters like Destiny in the first place. Spire of the Watcher's loot pool includes a new armor set, four Legendary weapons, and a new Exotic Bow named the Hierarchy of Needs.

This current season, the Season of the Seraph, is the final season for the Witch Queen expansion. With the next full DLC, Lightfall, coming February 28th at season's end. Unfortunately, not everything kicked off as smoothly as we would all like, as some update error took the Destiny API, and all the helper apps that rely on the API, offline through the weekend. The Hotfix is incoming today, and hopefully all will go well with that; because if you're like me, Destiny is kinda unplayable without a 3rd-party app like the fabulous DIM to manage your inventory and swap out weapons needed for particular activities.