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Vampire Survivors' first DLC comes December 15

by: joseph -
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Taking the staff at Gaming Nexus by storm, Vampire Survivors announced that the mobile version is out, and is absolutely free. You can play it in portrait and landscape mode, and (preferably) with your favorite Bluetooth controller. Then the crazy lads at Poncle decided, hey, let's give the 150,000 people who gave us positive reviews something nice. DLC, and it's only 2 fangs...er....bucks.

The amazing part, is that for $2 bucks, we are getting 8 new characters, a brand new stage called Mt. Moonspell, 13 new weapons, and 8 new characters. This game is addictive, so when you read this article and decide to see what the fuss is about, you can totally blame us. You can grab it on Mobile, Steam, Xbox (Game Pass). The reveal gif is below, as well as a Games N Moorer blind first playthrough, where I get help from the internet.