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Uwe Bol, the man, the myth, the hater

by: Chuck -
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Game | Life editor Chris Kohler went to see Uwe Bol's new movie Postal last week and then his posted review of the movie.  The review was the less than positive and director Uwe Bol launched a poorly worded/spelled e-mail assault against Mr. Kohler and the English language (in his defense I don't think English is his first language and we all make spelling mistakes). 

After taking the e-mail abuse he then took some verbal abuse because Mr. Kohler was gracious enough to do a phone interview where Uwe.  The director continued his assault on the review and Mr. Kohler's journalistic integrity.  The irony of course is that Mr. Bol misses the point that a review is one person's opinion about something and that you can't please everyone.  I haven't seen any of his movies so I really can't comment on them but you really have to wonder about why the director is so hypersensitive about one review.
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