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Do MMO's have/need a point?

by: Chuck -
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Shawn Sines has an excellent editorial over at FileFront about the lack of evolution in MMO's and how the outcomes of many of the big events are pre-determined before the event event starts.  While I don't play a lot of MMO's due to time and tolerance (I can't stand grinding in any shape or form) I do wonder about how this impacts a game like Tabula Rasa.  In Tabula Rasa you are fighting a war against the Bane.   After reading the article I wonder if players will ever be able to defeat the Bane or if the battle against the Bane will go on until they shut the servers off.  If players could defeat the Bane then that would force a major shift in the game play and allow for the designers to come up with something new.  Will they?  I kind of doubt it but you never know what will happen with Richard Garriott behind the game.
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