What we're playing this weekend

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Randy Kalista - Staff Writer
Racing games awaken a mostly dormant perfectionist gene in me, and DiRT (I still have no idea what the lower case "i" signifies) is pinging on my obsessive double-helix.  I can't personally move onto the next track until I've busted out an undamaged run at the professional skill level while finishing at the top of the podium.  Well, maybe not the undamaged part:  These tracks are crazy.  But I certainly vow to crack 20,000th place (not a typo) for the game's online scoreboards.  That notwithstanding, I'm taking one of my clones down the commando route, and the other down the scout/sniper route in Tabula Rasa.

Dan Keener - Staff Writer
This week I will be playing Shadowrun and Halo 2 Vista on the PC, Guitar Hero on the PS2 and some Arcade games on the Xbox 360.

Matt Mirkovich - Staff Writer
This weekend has me spending time out on the courts with Hot Shots Tennis. Brave Story for the PSP also found its way in to my heart, man that game looks great for a PSP title. Also I'm going back to school with some Persona 3. And lastly, I'm achievement point whoring with some Need for Speed: Most Wanted, my little VW Golf is practically unstoppable.

Shawn Sines - Staff Writer
P3 Persona. Put a gun to my head and I'm there. This deep, engaging game has consumed my time since I got the preview build from Atlus. I must reach the top of Tartarus.. must go to kendo practice.. Its been a long time since an RPG consumed me this wholly.

Charles Husemann - Editor In Chief
This weekend I'm going to try and wrap up my review of Glory Days 2 while logging some time with Tabula Rasa and the new Quake Wars beta.  I'm also starting a look at the Ageia physics card that they sent out this week so I'll be putting the PC version of GRAW 2 through it's paces.

John Yan - Sr. Hardware Editor
I think this will be my last week of MLB 07 The Show as I am finishing up my second year and I want to see what kind of contract I receive from the Indians for batting .390 and having a 80 game hitting streak. I bet I get screwed. I'll also be playing a little bit of Guitar Hero II as well. I am practicing on hard mode and I need to get better at hammer ons and pull offs.