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Alien survival horror game Greyhill Incident announced; Launches Q2 2023

by: Henry -
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Refugium Games and Perp Games have announced a partnership for their upcoming alien invasion survival horror title Greyhill Incident. The game is a story driven game that takes place during the early 1990s set in the quaint neighborhood of Greyhill. You play as protagonist Ryan Baker, equipped with a an old revolver and a trusty baseball hat as his home is invaded by UFOs. The developers stress that the game is inspired by "true events" and shows such as "The X-Files" and "Fire in the Sky" is pays homage to classic grey films and tv shows. When most survival horror games nowadays focus on zombies and the supernatural, it's quite rare to see one that focuses on something unique and fresh.

From the trailer alone, the game looks absolutely terrifying, with atmospheric environments and impeccable lighting. Many citizens of Greyhill are afraid of speaking up because the government is lying about paranormal activities in the area. It's up to you to solve puzzles, meet other humans and uncover the truth behind this alien conspiracy. I will say the actual aliens themselves look very stereotypical and generic and not very scary at all. Hopefully the final product takes a different design approach on the creatures!

Greyhill Incident is coming to PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and "other consoles" sometime Q2 2023. You can wishlist the game now on Steam to support the developers!

Checkout the announcement trailer below: